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Building Maintenance

At clear view Access we are passionate about working at heights and are continually developing our high level building maintenance services.


We are truly able to deliver a highly reactive one stop maintenance service and, whatever your high level maintenance challenge, we have a solution.

Not only are our in-house tradesmen trained and qualified to work at height, we also own and operate the very latest plant and access equipment which means that is our pricing can be more competitive as we are not reliant on hiring third party owned equipment.


Our extensive building maintenance services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Building facade repairs to brick work, masonry and cladding systems
  • Masonry pointing and re-pointing
  • Glazing and window repairs
  • Painting
  • Light bulb replacement and electrical works
  • Roofing works and roof covering repairs
  • Gutter and downpipe repairs
  • Installation of bird proofing systems
  • Building surveying and photography


Our vehicles are well stocked to ensure that repairs can be carried out quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our fleet of vans and truck mounted access platforms are fitted with vehicle tracking software which can provides accurate arrival times and highly effective route planning.


We offer a 24-hour call out system to deploy qualified tradesmen and equipment.


Banner Installations


We have vast experience in the installation of banners and building signage and are fully equipped to install a wide range of advertising media.


Our banner teams are capable of installing banners and signage virtually “anywhere” on a building or other structure.


Subject to the type of installation and the site conditions we deploy rope access, our own truck mounted access platforms or temporary cradle systems.


Our Banner and Signage Services include:

  • Consultancy service to determine installation and fixing methodology
  • Full fitting and installation service
  • Installation of associated frames if required
  • Co-ordination of Health and Safety requirements
  • Banner changes
  • Decoration rigging and lighting rigging for events
  • Installation and repair of flagpoles


Banner fitting operations can also be carried out at night if necessary, in order to avoid disruption to your business.


High Pressure Jet Washing and Steam Cleaning


Clear view Access Maintenance are the proud owners of a DynaJet 500 one of the most powerful pressure washers currently available in the UK. The performance and results of the DynaJet 500 are truly remarkable!


Manufactured by Putzmeister, this trailer mounted unit delivers an impressive 500 bar of working pressure, and water temperatures of up to 110°C. The unit is able to operate two hoses simultaneously, working flexibly without fixed water or power supplies.


We provide highly effective cleaning solutions for large paving areas, pathways and entrance details as found in business parks, retail parks, superstores, schools, leisure centres, blocks of apartments and commercial properties.


Our High Pressure Water Jetting service covers challenges such as:

  • Chewing Gum removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • General removal of dirt, grime, biological growth such as algae and moss
  • Paint stripping from brickwork, masonry and most external finishes
  • Cleaning of cement and concrete stains from new brick work
  • Removal of atmospheric dirt and carbon dirt
  • Sanitising of industrial hygiene surfaces


Additionally, we can provide a 24-Hour response for the removal of offensive graffiti.


Rope Access


Rope access is a safe, efficient and cost effective method of carrying out all kinds of cleaning, maintenance and installation works. The ease and speed with which areas can be accessed enables competitive pricing, as compared with most other forms of high level access.


Our technicians are fully qualified and continue to attend specialist courses meeting the criteria set by the Health and Safety Executive.


When compared to cradles and access platforms, the versatile nature of Rope Access provides many advantages including:

  • Fast and easy access to structures
  • Minimal disruption to adjacent work areas and building operations
  • Rope Access has the least visual impact on building structures, and does not damage the building fabric – especially important when working on historic properties
  • Rope Access can be applied to any type of building


At clear Access, rope access techniques have always been central to our service offering. Established as an access specialist service over 10 years ago, we continue to utilise rope access skills for property maintenance projects and many of our cleaning contracts.


Pest Control


We are equipped to provide a range of effective pest control and bird proofing services from clearance of bird fouling to the installation of deterrent systems. Our experienced teams are able to deliver prompt and effective solutions.


Birds fouling can create:

  • Damage to property by erosion of building fabric through direct chemical action
  • An unpleasant environment
  • Health and safety risks via disease organisms contained within bird dropping which in turn create a fertile breeding ground for insects and the potential for spreading of diseases with serious health implications such as Psittacosis; Listeria; Salmonella; E.Coli 0157


We provide thorough cleaning programmes prior to the fitting of any deterrent system in order to cleanse the surfaces with disinfectants to remove the any concealed micro-organisms.


Our approach is prevention first; we offer a range of effective measures birds including:

  • Netting systems
  • Wire systems
  • Spike systems
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