Tuesday, 30 April 2013 15:43

Ducting & Ventilation

Regardless of the size of your business, cleanliness of the extraction system is too important to ignore. No matter how efficient your extraction and ventilation system may seem, there will still be a build-up of grease that can result in a fire hazard. ClearView Services Group cleans with the appropriate products and skills within the specific time frame given.

Usage       Monthly      Yearly
Light         2-6 Hours      12 Monthly
Moderate   6-12 Hours    6 Monthly
Heavy       12-16 Hours   3 Monthly

We will clean your kitchen extraction systems and ventilation ductwork to comply with air quality, environmental health regulations and fire insurance specifications. We shall plan our visit to accommodate your individual work load to avoid any disruption to your business.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 15:41

Commercial, Business & Office Movers

We offer solutions to changes within the workplace. We have the ability and experience to carry out large scale projects whilst retaining that hands-on approach to guarantee complete customer satisfaction on all projects.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 15:38

Rodent & Insect control

Our staff are fully trained and certified in all types of pest eradication and prevention to help clients counter the hygiene concerns pests raise and meet all relevant legislation.

We offer one-off or sustained pest control programmes in isolation or in combination with other cleaning and decontamination services. Please contact us using the details below to discuss your needs and our tailored approach.
- Rat and Mouse Control
- Insect Control
- Wasp and Bee Nest Removal
- Squirrel and Mole Control

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 15:34

Bird Management

Bird management is a specialised area of pest control requiring dedicated equipment and expertise: roosting areas and clean-ups are often in inaccessible locations.

Clear View offers a comprehensive range of bird management services including Avishock technology to counter the risks and unsightliness of guano and unwanted intrusions by birds.
- Pigeon Removal and Disposal
- Complete Bird Management System
- Avishock
- Spiking
- Guano Removal and Decontamination

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 15:27

Gardening & Landscaping

If you are responsible for the grounds maintenance of your company then you need the assurance that it would be our responsibility to maintain the highest standards during our pre-planned visits. We tailor the specification to fit in with the seasonal changes. We will liaise with you continuously so that you will always know what work is scheduled. This makes sure your grounds are maintained and managed at all times.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 15:26

Washroom Services

We understand how challenging it is to maintain a pristine washroom that meets the high standards required by your visitors. That’s why we offer high quality products and services for every aspect of washroom care.

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 15:23

Graffiti & Gum Removal

Chewing gum is unsightly and an increasing problem for businesses .The team can remove chewing gum from all public spaces; and also have the capacity to offer a nationwide/national service.

We cover anything, from select one-off jobs to a scheduled visit program and our work can be carried out during the night and over the weekend to reduce the disruption to the work place. Whenever and wherever chewing gum is a problem, we can clean it off e.g. pavements, footpaths, block paving, car parks, driveways or walls

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013 15:18


With our experience and a keen eye for detail we view your premises from a different position. We clean and maintain a wide range of external surfaces on various types of commercial premises and industrial buildings.
For example
• Gutter cleaning to avoid birds nesting resulting in blocking gutters and potential flooding.
• The machine cleaning of paving flags is to avoid a build-up of moss resulting in a potential visitor incident.
• Gutter repairs and replacements
• Roof repairs/storm damage/general maintenance
• Exterior building cleans
• Pressure cleaning services Groundwork services are not just about the initial visual image they are about maintenance.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 12:28

Deep Cleans

We offer full builders cleans and sparkle clean packages to building, construction and maintenance companies, cleaning up after renovation, new builds or revamps. Our highly skilled staff will clean the building internally and externally,  from top to bottom, cleaning away all dust and debris, leaving the premises looking clean as new and ready for your customers to move right in.

Certainly, clients can pick and mix according to their own identified requirements, but we can offer a full package for those who wish to leave the matter of a clean environment to the experts.

If required, we will come to your premises and engage in a full cleaning audit. Having documented our findings we will discuss them with you and quote a price which is not only fair and reasonable, but which will cover in full all that we say we will do for you - with an absolute guarantee.

We hope you are proud of your expertise in your own area of business, but we are confident that we are much better than you in ours!

Tailor Made to Suit You

Clear View Cleaning Services provides a 24hr after build cleaning service. At very short notice we can provide any number of specialist cleaners.

Operating closely with Contracts Managers and Clients to ensure final finish and handover is successful. The aim is to clean, dust, deodorize and buff, so that the site smells and looks at it’s very best.

Clear View Cleaning Services has built a strong reputation for reliability and efficiency regarding builders cleans. We have managed to provide and maintain high standards of professional expertise and a quality guaranteed cleaning service to the construction industry. Whether initial builders cleans, re-cleans or sparkle cleans - if it is quality and efficiency that you demand then look no further - we can meet your tight deadlines.

All our builders cleaning services are tailored to meet your specific cleaning requirements.

We operate with only the best equipment and ensure our builders cleaning operatives are fully equipped with all safety clothing and materials to work on site.

Every client is assigned an account manager to control all instructions and ensure complete management of the builders cleaning service. The account manager is available 24/7 ready to deal with any problems or requirements that may arise.

All our builders cleaning staff have received COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training in the use and handling of the cleaning chemicals and fluids which may need to be used.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013 12:23

Window Cleaning

Nowhere is a quality job more evident than in the area of window cleaning. We will survey your workplace; we review the access and carry out a careful risk assessment. We shall plan a cleaning rota that takes account of your working environment, budget and frequency of visits to maintain consistency at all times.

Climbing conventional ladders, scaling zip up towers, water fed poles with de-ionized water, cradles, abseiling and using eye bolts – whichever process is most suitable for your premises, we can cover it. We don’t cut corners, we clean them.

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