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With our experience and a keen eye for detail we view your premises from a different position. We clean and maintain a wide range of external surfaces on various types of commercial premises and industrial buildings.
For example
• Gutter cleaning to avoid birds nesting resulting in blocking gutters and potential flooding.
• The machine cleaning of paving flags is to avoid a build-up of moss resulting in a potential visitor incident.
• Gutter repairs and replacements
• Roof repairs/storm damage/general maintenance
• Exterior building cleans
• Pressure cleaning services Groundwork services are not just about the initial visual image they are about maintenance.

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Gutter Cleaning

A surprising number of surveys on both domestic and commercial buildings identify major damage which has come about as a result of blocked guttering. It is never easy and it is sometimes impossible for those who occupy a building to see blockages in gutters. Such blockages not only impair general drainage but they can also cause direct damage such as breakage or fracturing, particularly in the event of the freezing of accumulated water in the ducts.

Overflow as a result of blockage leads to obvious damage from the effects of dampness which can in turn result in the need for re-pointing of brick buildings, replacement of panels and internal damp spots which impact on the quality and health standards of the occupied area.

We will unblock all gutters, flush all down pipes, unblock all drains, fix any leaks and flood test all gutters as part of our service to you.

Don't leave attention to blocked gutters for too long. We will attend your premises and undertake an inspection which could well save you far more than we will charge to prevent these problems arising.

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